Author: Jared Rojas

Week 3

Mechanical: Mounted the pivot plates, removed silicon, replaced steel shafts, and shooter plates are being recut of CNC. We had to change the placement of the battery so it was not rested and laid down horizontally since the cable routing wouldn’t work that way. Because of this, we had to move the shaft plates up…
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Week 2

Mechanical: Bumpers: Put brackets on the outside bumper and predrilled the pilot holes in the wood of the bumpers. We taped the pool noodles together of to structure the bumpers. Re-checked the bumper measurement before attaching the pool noodles together and successfully taped the pool noodles for the 2nd bumper. KOP Bot: They installed the…
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Week 1

Mechanical: Elevator: The elevator team started by cutting metal for the outer and inner stages of the elevator. The outer stage consists of 2 16-inch aluminum pre-drilled pieces and the inner had 2 17 inch pieces. We then took the bearing blocks of the practice elevator we made and installed them on the new pieces…
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Preseason: December Training Groups

With build season on the horizon, we uphold a cherished tradition of introducing our robotics enthusiasts among the freshmen to the art of constructing our robot. This involves granting them the autonomy to choose their preferred subgroup for training and providing diverse learning opportunities. Here are what our subgroups did for training: Programming: Programming training…
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Half Hollow Hills Competition

A few members from our team graciously dedicated their time to orchestrate the setup for the Half Hollow Hills off-season competition, synergizing efforts with other committed individuals for many other teams. The meticulous setup, spanning approximately four hours, culminated in the recreation of the exact field used in this year’s championship finals in Houston—a testament…
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Preseason: October 19th – 26th Summary

Operations: Finished the sponsor night presentation presented the cold call slides to the freshmen and added more sponsors to the 2024 sponsor list. Many have connections to corporations so we asked if they could notify their guardians about a potential sponsorship. Created a cold call schedule and groups sent emails to sponsors with the attached…
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Preseason: October 13th – 18th

Operations: Worked on the Roundtables portion of the sponsor intro package. We brainstormed new ideas for Roundtables and Sponsor Night and completed the Roundtables flyer. Worked on the outreach and community section of the sponsor intro package and completed it. We are planning to edit with our mentor Dr. Kay. Began the Sponsor Night Presentation…
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Preseason: October 9th Summary

Mechanical Worked on driver practice in which we got a max of seven game pieces in teleop. Some fixes and adjustments: Preparing for Half Hollow Hills! Driver Practice:

Preseason: October 2nd/4th Summary

Operations: Completed the mini grant flyer. We sent it to some teams and posted in on FIRST Long Island to get teams. We worked on the Team Expenses and Past Sponsors part of the sponsor intro package and began brainstorming ideas for sponsor benefits. Podcast: Found teams throughout the United States in every single state…
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Preseason: September 22nd/27th Summary

Mechanical: The team added a bar below one roller of the intake to prevent cubes from touching it and going out the wrong side of the intake which would be bad. Also locktited the intake to increase the tightness and ensure the successfulness. Programming: Fixed issues regarding the buttons in which they were only running…
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