Preseason: September 22nd/27th Summary


The team added a bar below one roller of the intake to prevent cubes from touching it and going out the wrong side of the intake which would be bad. Also locktited the intake to increase the tightness and ensure the successfulness.


Fixed issues regarding the buttons in which they were only running once. The constructor is only called at the beginning of the robot code, so any resets needed to happen in the initialize function. Set\ some constants as well. Set some angles for all scoring and pickup positions. If the pivot and wrist are going to the base position, they will rest on the mechanical stops.


Developed our West Coast Grant and made revisions to the achievements section of our sponsor package that we will send out to sponsors to dictate what they will gain for sponsoring our team. Completed the fundraising timeline and began adding information to proper headings in the sponsor package.


We held our interest meeting on the 22nd. We introduced the freshmen and new members to the different sections of robotics and how they all work together as one team. We also showed them last year’s game in order to prepare for Half Hollow Hills next month. We also invited everyone to our team discord in case they had any follow-up questions and to announce when our meetings and events are.