Preseason: October 19th – 26th Summary


Finished the sponsor night presentation presented the cold call slides to the freshmen and added more sponsors to the 2024 sponsor list. Many have connections to corporations so we asked if they could notify their guardians about a potential sponsorship. Created a cold call schedule and groups sent emails to sponsors with the attached sponsor intro package. Brainsotemed videos for sponsor night invitations and thank you letters for sponsors and ordered Regal Eagle notepads for Roundtables and Sponsor Night without team logo.


Integrated the arm movement into the auto commands. Finished that auto code and started to use the new Elastic Dashboard made by the PoBots (FRC team 353).


Made basic C.A.D. models for the part diagrams and started the design for safe Halloween linkage. Cut the second lexan part of the robot intake and made another training part.


Started work on the new intake by putting long churros and rollers on and finished the intake but built it mirrored so we need to fix that. Replaced wheels.