Engineers Helping Engineers

 This program will allow the Regal Eagle members to visit the 5th graders in the Bethpage School District’s Elementary Schools and talk about the importance of STEM and all the ways the kids could get involved with STEM in middle and high school. Attached is the presentation that we will be showing the 5th graders.


Hour of Code

Every year, our school organizes an Hour of Code event that takes place throughout all of our three elementary schools. This year, our Director of Technology agreed to have the Regal Eagles lead the opening activities and get involved in the annual event. 

FRC Camp

Seeing a gap in knowledge from our FLL to FRC team, we decided to develop an FRC summer camp that will kickoff this year for middle schoolers in hopes of instilling confidence in their skills and inspiring interest in our team. The curriculum involves lessons on circuitry, CAD, and includes a tour of the Regal Eagle Lab. The camp will run for 2.5 hours for a week, and students will have little tokens they’ve created or 3D printed to take home as a memory.

Overview Presentation


Meeting With Legislators

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023, legislators Rose Walker and Laura Schaefer met with the Regal Eagles to advocate for STEM education. We are so thankful for the opportunity to showcase our robotics program to our local legislators, and to have so much help and support from our community!


The Regal Eagles participated in the JDRF One Walk to raise funds and awareness for reseach of Type 1 Diabetes on October 23rd, 2022. All funds raised power more reseach, enable more accuracy, and support the 1.6 million Americans living with Type 1 Diabetes. Together, the Regal Eagles raised over $200 and assisted with volunteer work at this event!

Board of Education Meeting

May 31st, 2022 our team attended the Bethpage Board of Education meeting to present what the Regal Eagles have done with their fundings, and allow board members to see and use the robot.


Scouting App

To improve our efficiency in scouting during the competitions, we created a scouting app. This app is used to collect data on robots efficiently and accurately. We determined that using an app is better than paper because it is faster and easier to analyze. We had some criteria for an app such as the ability to run fully offline, having data downloaded after each match to reduce the chance for losing data.

Safe Halloween

 Our objective was simple: Promote our team and spread the world of FIRST. In 2019, we built a rocket for the Deep Space game, and reused it for this event. This is to reutilize it as a container for kids to shoot a ball into. There were three open holes on it, and if any child could get the ball into any of the holes, they were awarded candy. For the time that the event ran for, there were so many smiling kids who would come by, eager to take a chance to get candy. These happy children were accompanied by their approving parents, who happily watched their children try their luck while our members caringly assisted them.


Our elementary schools decided to start doing hackathons this year after seeing an increase in coding interest among the students. Similar to the high school and middle school hackathons, the elementary schools created a small team of 5th graders who showed interest in different coding activities. We sent experienced coders from our team that are currently enrolled in either AP Computer Science A or AP Computer Science Principles to go down and mentor these students and help strengthen their coding skills.

FLL Mentoring

First Lego League is a separate competition designed for students in both elementary and middle school. FLL operates as a means to introduce young children into the world of engineering, robotics, and FIRST overall.  

Islip Meeting

On October 27, 2021, we met with Spencer Cordeau and Eric Ruhoy from St. Johns the Baptist High School to give them insight into how we operate as an FRC team, in hopes of helping them start a team in their school in the future. We talked about aspects that go into our team such as marketing, outreach, and of course the robot itself. We had a great time talking with Mr. Cordeau and Mr. Ruhoy, and we wish them best of luck!