Half Hollow Hills Competition

A few members from our team graciously dedicated their time to orchestrate the setup for the Half Hollow Hills off-season competition, synergizing efforts with other committed individuals for many other teams. The meticulous setup, spanning approximately four hours, culminated in the recreation of the exact field used in this year’s championship finals in Houston—a testament to the precision and attention to detail invested. As a token of appreciation for our collaborative efforts, the organizers thoughtfully provided food and treats. Heartfelt gratitude is extended to Half Hollow for consistently delivering an exceptional competition experience. During our immersive participation, we captured the construction process through a time-lapse video, accessible via this link: Time Lapse.

Upon our morning arrival, our team diligently prepared our robot for the challenges ahead. Both our robot and scouting team demonstrated stellar performances, strategically positioning scouts at the forefront and assigning two individuals to the robot to ensure precise data collection during scouting. The invaluable insights gathered from these scouting details significantly contributed to our overall success. Notwithstanding our meticulous preparations, a challenge arose during a match where our telescopic arm remained immobile, impeding our performance during the autonomous period. Swift and adept intervention allowed us to rectify the issue— a malfunctioning motor— in time for subsequent matches. Through unwavering dedication and perseverance, our team earned the esteemed position of alliance captain. Leveraging the strategic analysis from our scouting data, we judiciously selected teams 9970 (Team R.I.C.E’s second robot) and 8267 (Riptide Robotics) to form a formidable alliance. A heartfelt acknowledgment goes to Half Hollow for orchestrating an extraordinary event that will be cherished.

Gallery of our robot and team: