Regal Eagle Rampage

We hosted our 6th annual Regal Eagle Rampage on Sunday, March 3, 2024 at the Bethpage High School! This preseason, “Week 0” event is where teams from New York are able to practice the game before the upcoming Regional Events. The field for the event is an exact replica made of wood of the actual field for competitions. Below is the flyer from last Rampage.


This year, we worked with the Syosset Braves (9016) to have 5 more days for teams to pratice this year’s game. It was hosted from March 5 to March 9, 2024 in Arumdaun Church. Below is the flyer.

About the Event

March 3, 2024 8 AM  – 4 PM.
Bethpage High School

10 Cherry Ave, Bethpage, NY 11714

Extra information

Food  will be sold by the Regal Eagle Parent Association. No fee is required to view the matches.


This is a very expensive event to run. Registration fees are used to cover the cost of lumber, game pieces, and other supplies.

Extra Pricing Information

 Checks should be made payable to Bethpage High School and mailed to Leon LaSpina, Bethpage HS, 10 Cherry Ave, Bethpage NY 11714. Please direct any questions to our mentor Leon LaSpina at [email protected].

More Information

The event was scheduled for Sunday, March 3th, 2024. The event starts at 8 A.M. and teams are encouraged to arrive as early as they can for pit set up and robot calibrations. There will be a lunch break lasting for an hour during the event and the Regal Eagle Parent Association will be selling food as a fundraiser for our team. The field presented will be an accurate representation of the actual field during FIRST regionals. This event will represent the feel of a real competition in a non competitive environment. Teams can discuss strategies and help each other resolve issues with their robots. No entrance fee is required for any teams that would like to come view the event without participating.
Last Year’s Menu

Rampage of 2023

In this Rampage, 20 Long Island teams came to compete in our matches at Regal Eagle Rampage! A news provider also interviewed our team and during the ending moments of our we handed out an award for the team that held the most gracious professionalism throughout the event which was the Syosset Braves Robotics. Another award given was the robot that was voted as best design which was Hurricane Robotics of WestHampton Beach. As for our final reward, it was given to a parent that has devoted his time to robotics throughtout both of his children’s time within FRC — John Cetin. We hope to see these teams as well as others compete in the next annual Regal Eagle Rampage!

Rampage of 2022