Eagles WIN at Half Hollow Hills!

The Regal Eagles reunited with Team R.I.C.E. (870) and Aftershock (263) for an undefeated victory at Half Hollow Hills pre-season event! We are so grateful to be chosen by an amazing alliance to achieve another victory for the second year in a row. Thank you to Half Hollow Hill’s team, Thundercolts (3624) for hosting this event!

2022 World Championships

This past April, the Regal Eagles made the trip to Houston, Texas to participate in the 2021-2022 season’s FIRST Robotics World Championship. Our team along with 458 robotics teams from around the world, competed for the title of first place. From April 20-23rd, team members did not only stay for the robotics competitions, but additionally visited FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams during free time to learn and make connections with the other branches of FIRST. The convention center also held an innovation fair, where students can explore what larger corporations and colleges have accomplished with their knowledge of STEM. Girls were also given the opportunity to network with other women in the robotics field at a group meetup set up by Team 5414 (Pearadox). Though our team unfortunately was not able to place within our division, the memories made will last a lifetime. We are all incredibly proud of the awards and personal growth that has been made as a result of the determination and dedicated work ethic of our team members. As a team, we can all truly say we had an amazing time meeting and working with international teams and look forward to the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

The Eagles SOAR to Worlds

Team Regal Ealges (2869) won 1st place along with the alliance captain, StuyPulse (Team 694), and fellow alliance member, R.I.C.E (Team 870) at the SBPLI Long Island Regional #2. Of the 3209 teams participating this year, we are 1 out of 450 teams who qualified for World Championships.

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Regal Eagle Rampage!

On March 6th, our team was able to successfully host our 4th annual Regal Eagle Rampage with over 200 people, both teams and spectators, came to attend our renowned event! We built an exact replica made of wood of the Rapid React field for our events main competition! This years Regal Eagle Rampage was a huge success and we would love to thank everyone who attended Rampage!

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Victory at Half Hollow Hills

The Eagles, together with Team R.I.C.E. (870) and the CyberCats (2872), managed to take total victory throughout the quaterfinals, semifinals, and finals at the Off-Season tournament hosted by Half Hollow Hills’ very own ThunderColts (3624).