FIRST Together

Our Mission Statement

The FIRST Together program is a FRC volunteer group started by the Regal Eagles. FIRST Together provides local teams with opportunities to cooperate and collaborate with each other to support our community and FIRST values. We host various community service and outreach events throughout the year to support this goal and provide opportunities for FIRST team volunteers around Long Island & NYC to earn service hours. These events also provide a chance for all participating robotics teams across Long Island & NYC to interact and share ideas with one another.

FIRST Together is a great stepping stone to uniting the FIRST community and expanding outreach in our communities and around the world. We hope to inspire other towns/communities to create their own FLL, FRC, and/or FTC teams.

Our Goals Through FIRST Together

– Increase outreach and participate in community events together as the FIRST community

– Raise awareness and fundraise money for important causes: – A cleaner environment – Equal access to opportunities for all – STEM Equity – Etc… – Collaborate and build bonds with other FIRST teams

Scheduled Events

– JDRF Diabetes Walk – October 23, 2022

Each year, JDRF One Walk brings together thousands of people across the country to change the future for everyone living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). JDRF One Walk gives people with T1D, their loved ones, companies and the local community the opportunity to create change and positively impact the lives of those living with T1D.

Some Ideas For Fundraising

Car Wash

– Bake Sales – Sports Tournament – Tutoring – Raffles – Park/Beach Cleanups – Food Drives, Clothing Drives, etc

Where Do The Proceeds Go?

All proceeds go to a charity/non-profit organization. We are currently looking for more STEM-focused organizations and charities to donate too. If anyone has any in mind, please let us know!

Here are some non-STEM organizations that we can donate to: – The Harry Chapin Food Bank – Society for Science and the Public

What You Can Do To Help

– Participate In Our Organized Events – Post Volunteer Ideas In Our Discord – Share Our Discord/Socials With Other Li Frc Teams To Spread The Word About This New Founded Program – Share Our Events To Others – Share Proposals With Us Via Discord/Email

FIRST Together Board

Each team is encouraged to elect one member to this board. These members will hold a position of leadership and other FIRST values to help guide the program in the right direction. The board will help set up our events, reach out to local businesses, and encourage all members of their individual teams to participate and speak out. Please think about who you feel best fits these attributes and elect them to the board.

– We will be sending out a Google Form in the next few days where you can tell us which member from your team will be part of our board.

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