Week 1



The elevator team started by cutting metal for the outer and inner stages of the elevator. The outer stage consists of 2 16-inch aluminum pre-drilled pieces and the inner had 2 17 inch pieces. We then took the bearing blocks of the practice elevator we made and installed them on the new pieces of aluminum since this robot’s elevator would be much smaller. We then cut the bottom pieces for both of the stages which we a 7-inch piece for the outer and a 2-inch piece for the inner. For stability, we used Lexan plating since we do not have our CNC’d plate due to it being in use by other groups. For more stability in the inner stage, we added a churro close to the top of the stage that will be connected with a 1/4 20 bolt. We need to add the churro to install the sprocket and the chain holders as well as break the chain. The construction of this allows for the new members to learn how to manipulate chains and dill consistently.


The bumper group learned the restrictions and rules the bumpers must pertain to such as weight, which is no more than 15 pounds in weight. The bumper team has picked out the pool noodles and has started to cut the plywood that goes inside the bumpers to hold the bumper together. The bumpers will provide cushioning in any of the competitions that our robot will be participating in.


Before building the intake the intake team was cutting wood for it in order to test out the intake before using the materials to make it as a prototype. The team tested a half inch of compression and it worked out really well as well as the versa rollers but must cover the full width of the ring (note) and maintain that contact. They learned that the bottom roller must be powered at all times for the note to intake in and they decided on 45-degree intake angles. The rollers were acquired and the team 3D printed all the hubs for the rollers using our new 3D printer and put a shaft so the intake now spins. The pieces out of Lexan are waiting to be cut for the intake.


The CAD for the shooter has been completed and waiting on other teams to finish using the CNC so we can cut the parts for the shooter. It is going to be an angled shooter.

Kit of Parts Bot:

The Kit of Parts bot has been fully completed in the building. The shooter works which is shown in the video below:


The programming team has started by downloading the new versions of wpilib and vscode. We updated our rio and radio for the robot.


Rewired the 2023 chassis for driver practice in order to train our new driver for competitions while the other teams complete their parts for the new robot.


The building for Regal Eagle Rampage has started. With the help of our parents and team members, both of the amps for the Red Alliance and the Blue Alliance have been built.


The team will have Impact Presentation tryouts starting January 19th to see who wants to present the Impact Presentation in competitions. Three body paragraphs of the long essay’s first draft are almost complete (including the intro and international) and brainstormed a new FIRST Together initiative to start at Hofstra. Started to write and edit the short responses for Impact as well. Contacted legislators and country reps to come to sponsor night and updated the sponsors and flyers on our team website.


Emailed more teams and found state team emails that were missing for our 50-state podcast. We recorded with Team 3937 – Breakaway from Arkansas and released our 3rd episode that included Team 3039 – Wildcat Robotics from Louisiana. The team then recorded with Team 1466 – Webb Robotics from Tennessee.