Week 9: 3/4 – 3/10

During week 9 of our build season, we held Regal Eagle Rampage in order for the teams that want to come and practice with their robots in the tri state area in this Week 0 practice competition. Here, teams are able to fine tune their robots, and explore different strategies that work best for their team. After practicing in matches, we saw some issues that arose with our robot build. The team is still fixing some parts in our robot in time for our first regional competition, SBPLI #1 March, 21-22nd! You can read more about Regal Eagle Rampage here! Legislators Walker and Schaefer came to visit the Regal Eagles and see our lab. We gave them a presentation of what we accomplished, and our goals for the future as we continue to advocate for STEM education and FRC. This week we prioritized cleaning the lab, since a clean lab means a clean, functioning robot!