Preseason: September 20th Summary


The electrical team prepped Neo motors by soldering them to a stronger wire. After this process, we would heat-shrink them and then strip the wires. We did this to install them onto the swerve modules that have been prepared either on Friday or next week.

Operations and Podcast:

Operations researched more grant opportunities and began the West Coast Grant. They also started creating this year’s sponsor list to cold-call potential sponsors for the Regal Eagles. If these sponsors are interested, the operations team worked on a sponsor intro package detailing the company’s benefits for sponsoring our team. We discussed what type of companies will receive this package (local), the method of retrieval, and what other aspects of outreach can be discussed in the package. This year we will be emphasizing the sponsor benefits a lot more.

The Regal Eagle Podcast team has made an email out to teams all over the United States and we started working on gathering information from the teams we were able to contact.

Lab Organization and CAD:

The team organized the gearboxes on the center table and put away all the scattered nuts and bolts around the lab to avoid potential dangers when the rest of the team is working within the lab. We also stored the 2×4 wood in white totes. We stacked the wheels inside the totes separating the squishy from swerve wheels and cleaned off the center table that had a lot of soldering iron.

The CAD team sent emails to 4 vendors requesting quotes for the bambu labs x1c 3d printer.


Set positions for the front scoring points in the code and used the live adjustments to find the optimal angle. Worked on figuring out why the commands would only run once per button. We believe that it was because there was a variable that wouldn’t get reset after the command got restarted. We will test this in the next meeting.