Week 1: 1/08 – 1/14

Our team watched the kickoff live stream for this year’s game. This was the beginning of our build season. Right after the live stream, we read the manual and brainstormed ideas for our build season. A big thank you to the parents who helped us out with ideas and planning for the Rampage. We’re so excited to build this year’s field for Rampage! We started off by drawing some ideas on a SmartBoard and brainstorming some ideas and techniques having to do with intake. We then had a prototype for the shooter started and a possible design for a rotating intake arm. The mechanical group measured the dimensions for the chassis so that it would fit the dimensions that we wanted. Electrical was soldering the motors to make a prototype shooter for our robot. While that was happening we were looking for parts to build our climbers.

Some motor math:

  • A mathematical model, looking at different parabolic trajectories, leads us to conclude that we need the ball to move at 8 m/s. The max free speed of a 775 pro motor is over 18,000 RPM.
  • If we run the motor at 75% max RPM and a 10:1 gear reduction we get: 0.75(1800) = 1350 RPM. Attaching a 6″ diameter wheel to this motor, we get 1350 RPM (6in * 2 Pi) * 60 sec ≈ 10 meters/second

The first shooter prototype is complete. The ball was shown to exit near the speed we predicted. This was powered by two 775s geared down 5:1. (The shooter is flat, but we elevated it with the 3.5″ side of a 2 by 4). We also started assembling the chassis. Our carpentry team started reviewing the PDF file TE-22173 for measurements. The electric team worked on attaching neo brushless motors and toughbox mini to the new chassis.