Preseason: September 15th Summary


The BAE Systems Grant is completed and submitted. Training slides for an operations training activity have started. This training for new members contains a process of making a fake outreach event by coming up with a sponsor list, making flyers, writing a proposal, writing emails, etc.


Upped the gear ratios on the wrist from 25:1 to 60:1 and on the pivot from 25:1 to 36:1 and replaced the inner steel bars with churros and rerouted the cables for the falcon. We rounded off the bottom of the arm to not press on the battery.


Tested the new arm movement code. It works, but still some issues with the live adjustment. Need to do more testing next meeting.


Moved double substation and 2 cube nodes from the storage container and organized the storage container. Also took apart word pieces to use for later


Explored fritz software in order to diagram upcoming electrical systems.