Week 6: 2/11-2/17

During week 6 of build season, the mechanical team is continuing working on the arm fixing previous issues with handling weight. Furthermore, we have adjusted the chain and sprocket size for the arm to better fit. Additionally, they have reassembled the motor and shaft for the robot for troubleshooting. The mechanical team has also been assembling the super structures that are connected to the pivot and Lexan plates. They replated the plates and mounted the sprocket so it digs into the teeth and they did testing with 2.5lbs and 5lbs. The electrical team has also been working hard to create the vertical panel to be mounted on the body of the robot. To make this process easier, we used the CNC machine to drill holes in the panel. Their next step is to now apply the electronic devices to the robot. The electrical team has made the electrical panel all wired up to the chassis and the robot can move around with a new belly pan and chassis frame. 

Weight on arm

Due to issues with the sprocket on side bending the metal in the mechanical team has thought of possible solutions which is putting the mechanical stop underneath the sprocket to make sure the sprocket cannot compress the metal inwards or add a sprocket on the other side connected to the same motor so we have double contact with the floor always. Mechanical team also has the superstructure built with the motor. Now they need to mount the 1×1 or 2×1 to the bottom of the superstructure to mount it to the chassis.