Week 4


This week we worked on all the major componets: the intake, the shooter, the bumpers, and the elevator. The KOP Bot was completed and programmed to drive. A climbing component was started and this will be added to the KOP Bot.


The intake team worked on adding the turnbuckle and adjusting the chain. They also adjusted the chain with the turnbuckle.


The shooter team used 6 inch wheels and added the falcon gearbox. They also altered the side plates and feeder pulley to fit the intake.


The bumper teamed used plywood and the new fabrics to get the attach to bumpers. They also stapled the fabric to a L-shaped ply wood. With two L-shaped bumpers made, we attached it to the KOP bot.

KOP Bots:

The KOP Bot team tried attaching a climber to expirement with endgame scoring. The climber had to be alter to fit the KOP Bot. The programming team tested their code for the KOP Bot for movement, shooting, and climbing.


The elevator tem assembled the bearing blocks of the new elevator kit while waiting for the plates to be made by the CNC.